Thanks to Michelle from Pebble Art for this amazing design and to my sister Heather for her ideas and understanding of what makes a great cover. I’m delighted with it. I’d love to have your comments and feedback.

I’m busy checking the proofs this week and publication isn’t far away.


5 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Linda. The book is being launched at the Manchester Irish Festival on 23 March and I’m hoping it will be available to buy soon after that. I’ll let you know. Alrene

      • I live in Canada so am hoping tbe able to buy a few copies on Amazon for myself family and friends cant wait only and few weeks away

  1. looking forward to your book Arlene! Belfast 1939? Interesting for me——listened to Chamberlain declaration of war mother worked in York st St Linen mill… lived through the big air raid…….Royal Ave was a hop skip and jump from my school Lancaster St PES……. my working at H&W prior to going to sea in MN 1942…….. went to the dances -SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO your story could also be my story good luck in sales !

    • Goodness, Bob, you should have written this book instead of me! You must have amazing memories of life in Belfast at that time. I remember the stories my grandmother, mother and aunts told about it and I researched quite a bit when writing the book. I’ll be interested to know what you think about ‘Martha’s Girls’ when it comes out. Alrene.

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