Martha’s Girls – Book Launch

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful evening at The Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester on Thursday night – great crowd and a lovely atmosphere. The three girls who recreated the Golden Sisters (the main characters in the book) were amazing. I loved their performance of  ‘Don’t Sit under the Apple Tree’ and they looked just like they’d stepped out of the 1940s. Thanks to Blythe, Lois and Natalie and to Carolyn and Sarah for directing and choreographing.

I can’t believe that in the space of 2 days I’ve sold 130 books even though they aren’t yet available on Amazon, Kindle, or in bookshops, but you can order it direct from the publisher; go to  and click on bookshop. Let’s hope ‘Martha’s Girls’ continues to sell well.

The first person to finish reading the book contacted me this morning! Barbara Cooke said she had bought the book at the launch on Thursday and couldn’t put it down.

I really enjoyed it … just like Catherine Cookson … it  felt like I was there with the characters. Couldn’t wait to find out who the girls would end up with. Is there going to be a sequel?’ Barbara Cooke.


5 thoughts on “Martha’s Girls – Book Launch

  1. Congratulations Alrene,
    I’m glad the book launch went well.If I had of been in that
    part of the world I would have loved to have attended.I will be
    sending for a copy before they are all sold out!!
    Regards,Sylvia McMurray.

    • Thanks Sylvia. Good to hear from you. I’ve heard that The Book Depository has the book on their website with free postage worldwide. Hoping it will be on Kindle very soon too.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying Martha’s Girls. Knowing Alrene, I knew it would be a fantastic read, but now that I am a third of the way through, I am an awe struck fan!!! The characters have drawn me in, the story is well crafted and keeping me reading until late at night. What a well deserved success!

  3. Hi Alrene, what a fantastic read thoroughly enjoyed it, and brought back so many memories of Belfast, the sayings and humour. Hope you will consider a sequel. Margaret xx

    • Thanks for your lovely review, Margaret. It’s great to have positive comments from someone who knows Belfast well; I’m really pleased it brought back memories. Just gearing myself up to start working on the sequel. Alrenex

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