BELFAST – Meet the Author/Book Signing

On Saturday 16 June, I’ll be at Eason’s new book shop in the heart of Belfast signing copies of a Belfast novel based on the lives of my grandmother, mother and aunts and I can’t help wondering what they’d think of it all. Martha’s girls were performers who enjoyed being centre stage, so maybe they would appreciate the attention, but I can’t help hearing Martha’s voice telling us all not to get carried away!

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2 thoughts on “BELFAST – Meet the Author/Book Signing

  1. thank you for the up date what great news sales are on the up, please let me know about future book signings and please give my love to bridie

    • Hi Julie
      Been so busy at work that I haven’t been able to do much on the website. Just thought you’d like to know my next signing is in Liverpool at Waterstone’s in the new Liverpool 1 shopping centre. The Belfast signing went very well and I’m hoping to go back again in the autumn. Hope you are well.

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