Corner HB gracesAt last “THE GIRL FROM THE CORNER SHOP” has stepped into the limelight to tell her story. Set in WW2 Manchester, a young widow battling grief and despair, resolves to escape her domineering mother and rebuild her shattered world. She joins the police force working with evacuees, the destitute, the vulnerable, and finds a renewed sense of purpose. But there’s still something missing in her heart. Can she find the courage to change her life and accept love and happiness? Amazon link:

Lovely 5 ***** review from

This is a well-written tale of life in Manchester during WWII. The hard life endured, especially by women and children, is all between the pages and the pioneering spirit shines through. With a great variety of characters and some skilful writing, it’s a very easy read and packed with detail. Several interweaving stories all twist together beautifully to make a very endearing read with, along with grief and sadness, a bit of mystery and a bit of romance. By the final page, all the loose ends are neatly tied off – my much preferred ending! An excellent wartime saga and well worth reading. For me, this is a five star novel.




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