Publication Day

**My new novel will be out this Thursday 12 July **

Set in WW2 Manchester, ‘The Girl in the Pink Raincoat’ has romance, drama, betrayal and some heart-stopping moments! It’s available as an ebook and hardback on all Amazon sites. Paperback out early next year. You can read the blurb below.


When a factory girl and a Jewish businessman fall in love it seems that the whole world is against them.
Manchester, 1939. On the eve of war Gracie Earnshaw is working in Rosenberg’s Raincoat factory – a job she hates – but her life is about to be turned upside down when she falls in love with Jacob, the boss’s charismatic nephew.
Through Jacob, with his ambitions to be a writer, Gracie glimpses another world: theatre, music and prejudice. But their forbidden romance is cut short when Jacob is arrested and tragedy unfolds.
Gracie struggles with heartbreak, danger and old family secrets, but the love of her first sweetheart comes back to her in an unexpected way giving her the chance of a new life and happiness.


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